Acquisitions & Mergers for first half of 2018

5 Most Notable Tech Acquisitions & Mergers for the first half of 2018

Halfway down to 2018, let's have a look at the 5 Most Notable Tech Acquisitions & Mergers for

2018 is just halfway crossed, but it already has been witness to major events across all sectors.

The tech world has been no different with new products launched, new ideas emerging, new technologies being innovated, and companies taking over each other to become a stronger entity in the market.

To date, since the beginning of the New Year, there have been numerous tech acquisitions in 2018, and we are going to discuss the 5 most notable acquisitions and mergers in the tech industry.

Tech Mergers and Acquisitions of 2018

1. Adobe – Magento

Adobe’s acquisition of the e-commerce giant Magento falls into its plan to provide customers a seamless online experience to make transactions within the digital ads to shorten the time-to-sale period.

Adobe said that this will enable them to reach and engage with customers at every touchpoint.

2. Microsoft – Semantic Machines

In one of the biggest tech acquisitions, Microsoft’s acquisition of AI company Semantic Machines gives an idea that they are actively working on their AI Cortana which they have integrated heavily with Windows for Mobile and PC.

The acquisition will allow them to add some more advanced features to Cortana since it is being actively pitched against the competition – Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Microsoft has also acquired Chalk up to enter the e-learning domain considering that Google is already a step ahead with Google Classrooms.

3. Oracle –

Oracle acquired to improve its cloud offering.

According to a statement by Oracle Cloud department, the acquisition with help Oracle provides the ability to harness a single data science platform to effectively leverage machine learning and big data for predictive analysis and improved business results.

Oracle has also acquired Grapeshot to improve its advertising capabilities, going head-to-head with Google Adsense. Another acquisition of Zenedge has been made to beef up its cloud security in the recent wake of multiple cyber attacks.

4. Google – Velostrata

In another major acquisition and mergers in 2018, Google has acquired Israel based Velostrata to enable customers to move from on-premise to the cloud.

The industry’s current challenge is the various intricacies involved in the switch to the cloud, and with Velostrata, Google would be hoping to improve the process, making it easier for customers.

5. Salesforce – Mulesoft

2018’s one of the biggest tech acquisitions in terms of monetary value, Salesforce has gone big with the acquisition of Mulesoft to leverage its services for the customers.

According to Salesforce, the integration software specialist company’s acquisition will allow them to help customers connect their information across all public cloud, private cloud, and other sources of data making it easier to share and access, thus enhancing overall innovation.

Salesforce has also acquired CloudCraze to leverage its platform with an effective B2B e-commerce platform.

Upcoming Mergers And Acquisitions of 2018

We have a feeling that the year may not end just here and there are many more mergers in 2018 impending since everyone is looking to get the upper hand.

For someone who is just enjoying the show and see how the tough competition eventually pans out, it would be a good time to grab some popcorn since definitely Google, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Amazon, etc. shall all be looking to make their move quite soon.

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