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    User Generated Content Benefits

    Five Benefits of User-Generated Content

    Content marketers are progressively using user-generated content campaigns as a feature of their content marketing strategy because of its various advantages such as building client trust, fortifying brand/client influences, expanding social adherents, growing social reach, boosting legitimacy, expanding sales deal, etc.

    This blog provides a brief overview of what user-generated content is, and what is the influence of user-generated content on an omnichannel shopping journey.

    What Exactly is User-Generated Content?

    User-generated content also called user-generated content (UGC) is a real content created by users in association with a brand, fortified by an interesting and engaging call to action context from that brand, to raise brand awareness and engender sales.

    Leveraging User-Generated Content in 2019

    UGC is your most significant social media mystery weapon, regardless of whether you didn't think about it – you've been utilizing it from the second you put your business on the web.

    2019 might be the year when advertisers everywhere throughout the globe completely grasp UGC and embrace it into their digital marketing strategy.

    Though, finding out the correct method to include user-generated content into your website or blog can be a challenge.

    It must be done in a manner that draws the attention of your users while unobtrusively promoting your business to the majority without feeling laid off.

    User-generated content is a must in every brand’s promotion strategy. Below are some of the stats which present UGC's importance:

    • An outstanding and commonly utilized example of real consumer-generated content which is obligingly altered online is Wikipedia; it has more than 2.36 million contributors around the world.
    • 87% of shoppers still trust surveys and suggestions from family and companions who got a free brand understanding, 71% trust bloggers, or social media influencers who have received a similar treatment.
    • Mainly, 81% of customers are ready to pay more and wait longer for items that are combined with UGC.

    Benefits of User-Generated Content in Marketing

    Increase Social Media Influence

    Social networking platforms and UGC campaigns go together like bread and butter. The qualities of each make something mysterious when joined.

    Executing a UGC campaign on social networks is an astounding procedure to reinforce your brand image and sustain customer relations.

    Facebook and Instagram ads utilizing user-generated images see up to a 3x boost in conversion rates over advertisements with brand-made pictures.

    By driving your advertisements with UGC, you'll have a perpetual wellspring of crisp, financially savvy content to keep your publication depleted audiences involved.

    Use of Content Curation

    UGC falls inside the content curation family. Content curation includes commenting, sourcing, and sharing the top and most significant third-party content with your group of onlookers.

    A few of the advantages of content curation include generating brand responsiveness, Streamline lead nurturing process, Lift social media analytics, etc.

    Connects with Customers

    Consumer-generated content builds up that connection between the product and the customer that adds a human component to the complete understanding.

    UGC works particularly well with millennial customers. While they acknowledge smart and amusing advertising, they are somewhat skeptical about product guarantees and lean toward the progressively balanced, practical portrayal of highlights and advantages over polished ads.

    This is the reason UGC encourages them to comprehend the likely outcomes and constraints of products in the situation that they can relate to.

    Upsurge Personalization

    Personalization can be another key benefit of UGC. Therefore it shouldn't be constrained to what your content is about.

    Consider the subtleties of various channels and plans of a UGC campaign to make sure your viewers are inspired to contribute.

    Find what makes your viewers eager to create content and draw in with your organization, and utilize this information to prepare personalization into your marketing activities.

    It'll enable you to build up an online network that reinforces the consumer-brand relationship.

    Help with SEO Strategy

    UGC campaigns help SEO value through social media optimization on visual platforms, for example, Instagram and informative podiums, such as Twitter and Facebook.

    Positive customer feedbacks can raise your SEO ranking. What's more, examining the most repeatedly used words in your consumer's use can improve your keyword reformation research.

    Apart from increasing boosting consumer trust and conversions, UGC enables brands to get more traffic from search engines.

    When utilized appropriately, consumer-generated content energizes commitment and develops your audience.

    Something imperative to recall with UGC is that curation is fundamental to find and exhibit the correct content for your business. It's worth looking for the tools that will enable you to explore social media networks.

    User-Generated Content Tools for Increasing Engagement


    TINT places its services explicitly for education and hospitality markets. It additionally features how the service is ideal for creating social media networks at events.


    Stackla is another integral tool which flaunts the ability to assemble social content from more than 25 sources and use geolocation and visual recognition skill for UGC classification.\


    Pixlee is a dynamic UGC platform to help brands showcase with the voice of their customers. However, it hosts a unique influencer marketing element.

    Social Board

    Social Board enables customers to manage, gather, curate, and display any social media hashtag video, photo, or tweet from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.


    Yotpo is a custom content marketing tool with the best eCommerce platforms and services like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerece, to inflate the power of user-generated content.

    An official partner of Google, Facebook, and Instagram, Yotpo has raised $101 million in funding and has more than 300 representatives universally.

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