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    Google Duplex Call Center

    Will Google Duplex Call Center Ever Rule the World?

    A little bit earlier time in May 2018, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai revealed another exciting addition at Google’s annual I/O developer conference Google Duplex.

    Overpowering the questions of the prior voice assistant applications, Google duplex, the Artificial Intelligence-based technology, fetches a great rebellion in creating natural conversations to replace the call center tasks.

    What is this Google Duplex? How is it working to support the users? What are the specifications and lacking’s?

    Let’s find out the answers.

    With the broadcast of the jaw-dropping technology, the Google Duplex, many of the questions are now supposed to be solved.

    Employing Google AI, Duplex will succeed in all conversations in natural sounds. Unlike Google Home Speaker, which sounds like a semi-robotic the incredible Google Duplex AI system bears “speech disfluencies” like ‘hmm’ and ‘uh’.

    Such tuning lets the Google Duplex seems like a real person with suitable pauses, and word elongation as if someone is thinking before speaking.

    This Google AI as a remarkable technology can replace several ‘phone calling’ tasks like scheduling appointments, reserving tables, reserving events, scheduling tasks, etc.

    The arrangement makes the entire talk so natural that no one can imagine, across the side of the phone there is a machine, not a living human being!

    Google Duplex AI helps Google Duplex to conduct the talks which can be understood in any language.

    Due to the shocking features, it is enough to replace the human with various real phone actions. From the business work to the daily routine, Google Duplex is creating an enormous impact in different fields.

    Let’s have a look at how the Duplex is helping the humans and businesses.

    Google Duplex Helps to Conduct Natural Talks

    Habitually, when we talk to each other, we sometimes use heavy sentences. Many times we spot-on and correct ourselves in the mid of the spoken words. Depending on the fact that the same sentence can have different meanings.

    Auspiciously, with advanced Understanding, Timing, and Responding, Duplex deals the most accepted conversation you can ever have.

    Duplex AI has a recurrent neural network (RNN), which is created by using TensorFlow Extended (TFX).

    RNN employs Google’s Duplex automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and information from the audio which the average human being uses while speaking.

    Google Duplex makes usage of the hyperparameter optimization from TFX. Such profound training and features are enough to manage up with the natural languages.

    Google Duplex AI Sounding Natural via TTS Engines and Speech Disfluencies

    To yield an accepted sound, alike human voice, Duplex is complemented by a grouping of two text-to-speech engines, a concatenative engine, and a synthesis TTS engine. These are accountable for adjusting pitch in harmony with the situation.

    Google Duplex Matches with the Latency Expectations

    Self-Examine and Monitoring –

    The extraordinary feature of the Google Duplex is its skill of self-monitoring. It can sense whether it can grip the task by itself or not.

    If the Google Duplex AI feels that Google Duplex cannot handle the situation alone, then the Google Duplex system indicates the response to the Human operator without any interruption.

    Google Duplex is Helpful for Business Organizations –

    Duplex launch affectedly influences business tasks as well as supports the users in many features.

    Considering the business actions, we can see that Duplex AI is playing a noticeable role in supporting business activities.

    It permits the customer to book via Google Assistance helped by Google's AI, with no risk of date and time modification.

    It also prompts the customer about their coming schedules. Duplex supports the organizations by dropping irrelevant phone calls by the customers.

    Not only in the business domain, but Duplex is also relevant and proper for the daily matters as well. The user can easily escape phone calls and interact with Google's Duplex to answer on behalf of you.

    Does Google Duplex have an Alternative?

    Due to the threats of fake phone calls via Google and the undesirable usage of technology, many people are cautious about using it.

    Though such an eccentric technology is beneficial in many features, its skill to completely mimic human voice has left many frightened.

    From the moral point of view as well, this software is lacking. Talking to a computer in its place of the human characters without any greeting can also distract other people.

    Here I am giving you a quick overview of the best thinkable alternative – the RosponseAI.

    RosponseAI, just similar to Google's AI, It is an excellent addition to the world of telemarketing. It also works automatically without any human participation.

    RosponseAI is positively used to replace the call center department from the administrations. It is dissimilar from Google Duplex at one part, as it is not imitating a human voice. Hence, people will guess that they are speaking to a manual device.

    Last but not least…

    Google Duplex unveiling has opened the space to the near future where technology will be more automatic and flexible which requires less human interfering.

    Exciting, beneficial, and a little confronting, Google Duplex is the most exceptional progress of the time. There are some disadvantages too.

    Nonetheless, if the developers look into the matter and solve some issues with the new updates, then this technology will become unconquerable.

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