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    NeuralAI Launches AI 3D Asset Generator with TAO Bittensor Subnet: Transforming 3D Model Creation for Games and Beyond

    NeuralAI's groundbreaking AI-powered 3D Asset Generator, integrated with the innovative 3D AI TAO Bittensor Subnet, revolutionizes 3D model creation for gaming and beyond, ushering in a new era of efficiency and creativity.

    Silicon Oasis, Dubai UAE, May 28, 2024 -- NeuralAI is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking AI-based 3D game asset generator, designed to revolutionize the way 3D models are produced. NeuralAI leverages advanced generative artificial intelligence to enable text-to-3D and image-to-3D conversions, significantly reducing the costs, time, and complexity traditionally associated with 3D model creation.

    Producing 3D models has long been an expensive and time-consuming process. NeuralAI changes this paradigm by harnessing the power of AI to create refined 3D models ready for integration with game engines and design software from a single, intuitive interface. This technology promises to supercharge the development of games, movies, and a wide array of creative industries.

    Core Features of NeuralAI

    • AI 3D Asset Generation: NeuralAI’s dApp allows users to transform textual prompts or images into vivid 3D assets. Whether you describe your vision or provide an image, our application will generate a detailed 3D model that can be exported in industry-standard formats and integrated directly with game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as design software like Blender. This functionality not only saves time and costs but also maintains the creative workflow and quality standards.
    • TAO Mining GPU Rentals: In collaboration with the AKASH Network, NeuralAI offers GPU power rentals configured with ready TAO miner templates. This solution provides on-demand extra computing power for tasks such as deep learning, rendering, and complex simulations, while also allowing users to earn by mining TAO. This token-gated service, powered by the $NEURAL token, offers a robust solution for computational needs without the hefty investment in hardware.
    • Web2 & Web3 Gaming Incubation: NeuralAI’s incubation program is designed to support and accelerate the development of innovative Web2 and Web3 games. Founders will have access to a wide network of experienced professionals, technical and marketing resources, and a streamlined path from development stages to public launch.
    • 3D Asset Marketplace with Revenue Sharing: Creators can list their 3D game assets on the NeuralAI Marketplace, contributing to various gaming and creative projects while earning revenue. The marketplace will implement a 5% transaction fee on sales, strategically enhancing revenue generation for both creators and the platform.

    Biττensor Subnet
    NeuralAI is incorporating a Biττensor subnet to enhance its computational resources. Key benefits include:

    • Global Network of Nodes: Leveraging Bittensor's global network, NeuralAI taps into distributed machine learning power worldwide, avoiding reliance on a single data center.
    • Synergy of Resources: Pooling Bittensor's distributed nodes boosts GPU rental capabilities, enabling efficient handling of complex tasks.
    • Consensus-Driven Accuracy: Bittensor's consensus mechanism ensures high-quality machine learning outputs, enhancing the precision of NeuralAI’s results.
    • Adaptive Learning Curve: Continuous learning in Bittensor's network improves models over time, offering a service that constantly evolves.
    • Resilience: Decentralization in Bittensor ensures robust, outage-resistant services, supported by a diverse array of specialized machine-learning models.

    Using NeuralAI
    Creating 3D content has never been easier or more cost-effective. NeuralAI’s generative AI transforms textual descriptions into detailed 3D models with just a few prompts, simplifying the creation process and making it accessible to all users.
    Future Aspirations
    NeuralAI aims to continue innovating with several exciting future developments, including:

    • GPU streaming to combat local hardware limitations.
    • AAA features such as auto-rigging 3D generation and fine-tuning for AAA standards.
    • A flexible plugin for Unreal Engine, Unity, and other platforms.
    • LLM-based features like AI-based NPC text/story generation, AI text voicing/audio generation, real-time response generation, and more.
    • Registration of the NeuralAI 3D subnet on Bittensor.
    • Revenue share staking paid in $wTAO from real revenue generated by TAO miners, the Neural subnet, and gaming incubations.

    NeuralAI is proud to collaborate with several key partners, including Akash Network, Tatsu, AIgentX, Chatter Shield, and Defender bot, to deliver a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for 3D asset creation and beyond.
    For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter at, or join our Telegram community at
    About NeuralAI
    NeuralAI revolutionizes 3D asset creation with cutting-edge AI, enabling text-to-3D and image-to-3D conversions. Our intuitive platform integrates with tools like Unity and Blender, streamlining the process for game developers and designers. Additionally, we offer TAO mining GPU rentals, a gaming incubation program, and a 3D asset marketplace, all powered by the $NEURAL token. NeuralAI is dedicated to enhancing creativity and efficiency in digital content creation.

    The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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