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    Google Penalty

    What are your Alternatives if your website has been hit by Google penalty?

    What is a Google Penalty?

    A Google penalty is an undesirable effect on a website's search ranking based on Google's search algorithms.

    Google Penalty is a penal charge which Google puts on a website if they see a sudden drop in traffic of your website. It’s essential for a business to find out what will be the reason for the sudden drop in traffic.

    How can we get recover from any of the Google penalty?

    For online industries, search engine traffic is most important, but getting high rankings on Google is not easy.

    According to google penalty survey, over 400,000 physical actions are being started every month. The interesting fact is that only 20,000 webmasters are acquiescing reconsideration application every month. This means that 5% of the websites that have penalised are trying to improve their rankings.

    Steps to follow when you get penalised with Google Penalty:

    It’s always important to have a health check-up of our website to get our best results and drives more and more traffic.

    Here we are going to see some alternatives which we need to follow if your website gets google penalised.

    Mark Your Penalty

    Penalty type #1 – Manual: It’s unbearable for the algorithms to notice all types of guideline desecrations accurately. If quality rater of Google saw something irregular going on, they will give you a google penalty.

    Penalty type #2 – Algorithmic: If you know you have a penalty but you can’t see any manual actions. Then it’s maybe an algorithmic Google penalty. Fundamentally, Google generates algorithms to detect spam violations, and if it finds something, it penalises the website.

    Understand your Link and content strategy

    Unnatural links: Google uses back-links mentioning your site as a measure of its quality. Google wants to see the “natural” back-links count that were created without our involvement.

    Unnatural link actions come in a few different forms.

    1. Impact Links – Which creates a profound positive or negative impact on Google.
    2. Unnatural links to your Website – Links which creates a wrong impression on the website.

    Thin/Duplicate content: Google’s primary goal is to help users to find what they’re looking for. If you see the first page in your search query with sick up information, you will get uneasy and frustrated.

    This is bad for a searcher, so Google Penalty tries to reduce duplicate content that shows in search results. It includes:

    • Routinely produced content
    • Duplicate affiliate pages
    • Scraped Content
    • Site-wide back-links – Avoid having links from sidebars, footers etc.
    • Hidden text – Don’t hide text or links from users who use CSS.

    Understand How to Recover Your Rankings:

    1. Find All Your positive and negative Back-links
    2. Identify the Back-links.
    3. Requesting removal for the back-links from Google Penalty.
    4. Create an email with your request to remove a link.
    5. Keep track of your email requests.
    6. Send out personalised requests to remove bad links from your website.

    Conclusion -

    The key to eliminating Google penalty is to know what triggered it. Reading Google’s Webmaster Rules is essential. Once you find the reason for your penalty, you need to remove all harmful back-links from your website to get a good amount of traffic.

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