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    Top 11 Use Cases of Data Loss Prevention

    Top 11 Use Cases of Data Loss Prevention

    Data has become an essential commodity for business organizations these days. Business data and its security are considered to be one of the most important aspects of the business.

    The growing influence of big data tools and the growing emphasis on the data-science have given the business data an utmost priority.

    Data loss prevention means setting up a process that can detect and prevent the business data from being leaked through any means outside the organization without proper authentication.

    Data loss prevention tools and techniques have become an integral part of the data security & IT management teams for most of the organization.

    We will be taking a look at some of the crucial data loss prevention use cases across different sectors through this blog.

    But, before moving on to the data loss prevention use cases, let us take a look at some of the key stats from the industry research report.

    • According to the report, data loss prevention will see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.59% in the next five years.
    • In 2018, there were 1,244 instances of data breach reported in the United States alone, wherein 446.52 million records were tampered with. This was 126% more than that of the previous year.

    11 Data Loss Prevention Use Cases

    Data Loss Prevention Use Cases in FinTech Industry

    Omni American Bank

    A Dallas, Texas-based bank faced a situation where it could see the potential threat with unauthorized data access.

    The bank developed a DLP system by partnering with Websense DLP to prevent data loss. Through this solution, the bank could track all the data transfer activity.

    The key focus for the bank was to monitor all the endpoints through which the data can be leaked or breached.

    The Websense team provided them with a solution that matched their exact criteria and helped to prevent the data breach from inside.

    Triodos Bank

    Triodos Bank, headquartered in the Netherlands, has put in great efforts on staying updated with the information security trends.

    The bank minimized the data loss risks with end-points such as USB ports or any other device-level losses with its DLP solutions.

    They partnered with DeviceLock DLP to prevent business data breaches.

    The company later expanded its DLP solutions to the cloud–level data security also.

    This move helped the bank to prevent the data loss from inside the organization as well as on the cloud.


    AON, established in Indonesia, is one of the largest FinTech companies in the world with an employee base of more than 60000.

    The firm mainly wanted to prevent the business data, including business plans being leaked, especially through the marketing agents/channels, since they had access to some of the most confidential files.

    AON wanted to secure the emails, endpoints, and other USB devices. They partnered with Endpoint Protector's DLP solution for the same.

    Through Endpoint Protector DLP’s advanced feature called “File Tracing and Content Awareness Protection," AON could not only block the unwanted file transfer through USB ports, but it could also monitor the files sent through the emails and prevent the users from sending the confidential data.

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    Data Loss Prevention Use Cases in the Technology Industry

    Science Applications International Corporation

    SAIC, which is one of the biggest Information technology contractors for the government, healthcare, and business corporations, is a multi-billion dollar company.

    It provides IT consultancy to these sectors making the decisions based on the database it has.

    The database which SAIC deals with is highly confidential and could lead to severe damage if breached, and hence, they emphasize a lot on the data security.

    They partnered with DeviceLock DLP to prevent the data breaches from inside the organization. Their main concern was to protect their database without hampering the users' productivity.

    And hence, they used a system that could access and monitor the data related activities but without reducing the employee productivity.


    REA Group is a multinational digital advertising technology company, which provides consultancy to organizations across the globe.

    The group needed to restructure their IT security policy while expanding and enhancing globally. They partnered with McAfee’s DLP solution for that purpose.

    The key challenges for the IT team were to achieve the desired ability to monitor cloud usage and rolling out collaboration tools like Box.

    REA being a cloud-first company, 90% of its systems were SaaS-based. They opted for McAfee’s MVISION Cloud to get the results and reports immediately.

    This practice has helped the group to assess the security and migrate to the cloud pretty quick and made the transition seamless.


    Accenture, which is one of the global leaders in technology solutions and services, identified the need for data loss prevention more than a decade ago.

    They developed a system that could protect intellectual property and confidential data from getting leaked.

    They deployed DLP agents on every workstation to monitor the flow of data and report it back to Accenture’s security center.

    They also implemented e-mail DLP to prevent the data breach through the emails.

    Their IT security team also developed a set of rules which could red-flag and block the file transfer of client data and intellectual property when sent outside authorized devices.

    Data Loss Prevention Use Cases in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry


    Stahl, a multinational pharmaceutical company, based in the Netherlands, identified the need for a DLP solution with the main concern of securing the data through mobile devices.

    They partnered with DeviceLock to achieve this objective. Most of their employees regularly work from home or through a modem, and it was really critical to monitor the data activity of these devices.

    According to Global IT Security of Stahl, it was getting easier for disgruntled employees to share the data illegally through DropBox, Gmail, or USB devices.

    They then developed a system which blocked access from all the endpoint and emails as well as through cloud storage devices.

    Aspire Pharmaceuticals

    Aspire Pharmaceuticals, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company is known for its soft gelatin products and the intellectual property rights around it.

    The methods and techniques are confidential to the company and hence need protection. Most of its assets were on the cloud and they needed a data loss protection system that could protect these assets.

    They partnered with Endpoint Protector DLP from CoSoSys to achieve this goal.

    With this deployment, Aspire Pharmaceuticals wanted to ensure a seamless transition on all of their desktop devices as well the mobile devices.

    And they needed to deploy the DLP system without interfering the day-to-day operational activities. Endpoint Protector helped them to Deploy its DLP within hours and without affecting the daily operations.


    Umivale, a Spain-based non-profit organization, which works in the public healthcare industry, wanted to enhance its data security.

    They partnered with McAfee's DLP to do that, and it helped them a lot.

    The key objectives of installing a DLP program were to secure sensitive user data, whether at rest, in motion, or in use, along with reducing the operating costs associated with the data security.

    They opted for McAfee's Data Loss Prevention Endpoint tool for this purpose.

    The advanced features, such as data exfiltration, allowed the Umivale to control data loss and prevent confidential data.

    Data Loss Prevention Use Cases in Automobile & Transportation Industry

    MINDA Corporation Ltd

    MINDA Corporation Ltd is an Indian automotive company that primarily manufactures ignition switches and other automobile and electronics components.

    The company could foresee the potential vulnerabilities with the data exposure in the cloud and hence it partnered with Forcepoint to develop a DLP system that could protect the data in the cloud as well as other mobile devices too.

    Also, as the company encourages its employees to a “BYOD” policy, they needed to have a solution that could protect the confidential data through all the endpoints.

    Forcepoint DLP deployment helped MINDA to protect both governed and ungoverned devices as well as the platform services.

    Forcepoint’s real-time activity monitoring and analytics helped MINDA’s IT department to track and deal with the threads immediately.

    The deployment also helped the corporation to identify and blacklist more than 1,000 unsanctioned apps.

    Copa Airlines

    Copa Airlines, a Panama based Transportation Company, partnered with Forcepoint to deploy a hybrid web gateway to improve data security around the endpoint, cloud services, and mobile devices.

    The partnership with Forcepoint helped them to reduce costs while flexibly deploying the DLP solution.

    The scalability of the web gateway helped the airlines company to deploy the solution across various locations.

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