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    Social media boosting website search rank

    How do Social Media Platforms Boost Website Search Rank?

    Brief Glance:

    All of us are experiencing the impact social media is having on our daily lives. Many online marketers are focused on developing various strategies to promote their websites through social media.

    We have wondered about the impact of promoting websites through the social media platforms; and whether the social actions (such as likes, shares, comments, retweets, etc.), impressions, regularity in the content publishing impact in boosting website rank.

    This blog discusses the impact of social media platforms on boosting the website search rank with the help of topics such as website search rank, Social Platforms, Google website ranking, and Google ranking tools.

    How Is the Website Ranked in Searches?

    As we all know, Google ranks a website through algorithms on the basis of various stringent criteria such as relevance, authority, presence, and genuineness of the content among many other factors.

    How do marketers use Social Media Platforms to boost their websites?

    Every day, so much of the content gets published on various websites, and space has become much crowded to promote content. But, we see many posts that stand out even with this flood of content.

    Creative marketers are apt in their strategies because of which the content gets more impressions, and the relativity of the content empowers the social actions. These social actions, in turn, make the content more popular resulting in more impressions and ultimately improving the website visits.

    The increase in website visits leads to the overall improvement in the website rank.

    The impact of social media on your customers:

    The following facts will help you understand the impact social media has on average users.

    • The surge in average time a user spends on social media is almost 135 minutes per day as compared to 126 minutes per day from last year.
    • The United States has almost 175 million people watching digital video content. 78% of people watch online videos every week, while 55% of people watch it every day. And almost 77% of total online traffic will consist of video traffic.
    • North America has the highest penetration rate at 66% while Central Asia ranks the lowest with meager 7%.

    Which are the four most beneficial social media platforms

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Twitter

    Social Media Platforms and what content should be promoted through which websites?

    Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest are more useful when the content to be promoted deals with the pictorial articles.

    Instagram is more useful for promoting the content related to the Fashion industry while Pinterest comes in handy when you are promoting content related to technology.

    Twitter comes in handy when the short & crisp content is to be promoted. One additional benefit of Twitter promotions is that the active audience is much more than any other tool.

    LinkedIn comes in handy when the content talks in a more professional way and the target audience consists of professionals.

    YouTube is more effective when you want to educate your audience through videos or keep them updated with the regular podcasts.

    By posting threads for discussions, Reddit helps to promote content. As users participate in an active discussion, the content gets automatic traction which helps to improve the website visits.

    The impact of Social Signals

    There are many strategies that prove to be effective and they vary from one article to another. The impacts of social media sharing can be categorized into:

    • Direct impact
    • Indirect impact

    Direct impact on social media comes from the following actions:

    • The number of likes to the website page on Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    • The number of likes to the specific posts on these platforms.
    • The number of shares of the post on these platforms.
    • The number of Tweet Mentions of a website page.
    • The number of Clicks to the shared post.

    The direct impact helps to create brand awareness and improves the overall site ranking.

    While the direct impact is quite known to everyone, the indirect impact comes from:

    • Increase in inbound links due to increased visibility.
    • Increase in favorable reviews on Google Pages because of customer delight.
    • More repeat visitors to the website, spending more time on the site, and lesser bounce rate.
    • The inbound links in the posts help in improving the domain authority of the website.

    Key Takeaways:

    The social media platforms have proven really helpful in improving the website ranking by improving brand awareness, domain authority, and increasing overall traffic on the website.

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