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    What are the Best Identity and Access Management Tools?

    What are the Best Identity and Access Management Tools?

    What is Identity and Access Management?

    Identity and Access Management (IAM), in business terms, refers to the management of roles and access privileges to individuals. These individuals can be your employees, customers, or any freelancers.

    The main purpose of Identity and Access Management is to ascertain the digital identity of these individuals. The ultimate purpose is to manage the access lifecycle.

    Why do you need Identity and Access Management tools?

    In this digital world, cyber-security is a top priority for most companies. Many of the systems are hacked by manipulating user credentials. Identity and Access Management tools are designed to prevent such mishaps.

    According to compliance regulations like HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc., companies are required to protect identity management of employees and customers alike.

    Top Identity and Access Management Tools


    The primary purpose of this blog is to figure out the top identity and access management tools with their salient features and pricing in detail.

    Core Security Systems

    Core Security Systems’ Access Insurance Suite is one of the leading identity and access management tools.

    Its industry-standard module allows policy-makers to review access, manage compliance, enforce password management. This, in turn, simplifies the process.

    Salient Features

    It comes with three key features, namely

      • Access

    Its web portal provides a platform through which users can request access, and admins can grant or reject the same. The web portal nullifies the need for a ticketing system, paper requests, or any email requests.

      • Compliance

    As this tool is available on the web portal, the need for maintaining spreadsheets is eliminated. Ultimately, it helps the companies to provide the necessary documents with a single click for compliance audits.

      • Insights

    As an admin, you can easily access, monitor, and manage access life cycle. It helps you to manage multiple systems through a single platform. You can also get actionable insights through its award-winning analytics platform.


    Its pricing varies from case-to-case, and it is available on the company website. You need to submit a request, and you will receive the pricing based on the same.


    Oracle's identity and access management platform comes in with a lot of unique features. These features include single sign-on & identity propagation. Let's take a quick look at its key features.

    Salient Features

      • Identity Propagation

    Admins can easily set policy-based access authorization across different platforms. Through this platform, the user can sign in from any of the registered devices comfortably.

      • Social Sign-On

    Users can easily link and access through their social networks for consumer-facing applications.

      • Integration with third-party applications, systems, and gateways

    The platform integrates with third-party platforms, applications, services, and gateways, and frameworks, etc. This allows companies to put in place standard industry authorization methods like RBAC, ABAC, etc.

      • Fraud Detection

    Its authentication platform comes with a unique set of knowledge-based custom questions to avoid mismanagement of user access. It also comes with a real-time fraud detection system. The system gets activated after a pre-defined number of authentication failures.


    Oracle's identity and access management doesn't have a free trial, and it runs on cloud, SaaS, or web. For detailed pricing, you need to contact Oracle for the same.

    Its basic plan for enterprise comes with $1 per month per user with a minimum requirement of 100 users. Additionally, the standard plan for enterprise is available for $4 per user per month, with a minimum of 100 users.


    IBM's identity and access management platform is one of the best platforms. And it has been recognized as a leader in the third year running by Gartner Magic Quadrant Report 2019. Let's take a quick look at some of its key features.

    Salient Features

      • Single Sign-On

    A user can sign-on easily through any of the registered devices once granted access.

      • Unique Authentication System

    Its authentication system comprises of the unique set of questions to which only the user can answer. · Seamless access across various applications. Once the user is authenticated to sign in from one system, you can access to all the connected applications & services pretty comfortably.

      • Multi-factor Authentication

    An admin can implement multi-factor authentication across all the required applications through IBM’s identity and access management system.

      • Protection from Real-time threats

    IBM’s real-time threat detection system triggers notifications once the breach takes place. Also, it provides actionable intelligence to protect threats not and avoid future breaches.


    For detailed IBM IAM pricing, you may need to contact IBM. Relevant information for the same is available on their website.


    RSA IAM SecureID Suite is designed to protect different cyber-threats without hampering user experience and productivity. Here are some of its salient features.

    Salient Features

      • Identity and Access Assurance

    The application performs a unique check to find out the genuineness of the user. Also, it checks if the user is allowed to access a particular set of applications.

      • 360-degree Protection across All the Apps

    SecureID Suite provides all-round protection across all the allowed applications in a quick time.

      • Ease of Governance

    Admins can easily govern the entire system through a single dashboard. They can also get actionable insights without much hassle. This information is useful to prevent illegal access intrusion and potential cyber-breaches. It also allows the admins to govern the access life cycle.


    RSA SecureID comes with three pricing models, namely base, enterprise, and premium.

    The base plan ranges from $1-$3 per month per user. Enterprise plan ranges from $1-$4 per month per user. And premium plan costs anywhere from $2 to $6 per month per user.

    The price range varies on the number of users and scale of deployment etc.


    It is an open-source identity and access management platform. It can help organizations to improve cyber-security from identity and access management. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key salient features.

    Salient Features

      • Enhanced Security

    Its automated security model enables admins to monitor and change access life cycle through a single dashboard. It also comes with an additional user security layer to eliminate user access manipulation.

      • Automated Access Management

    Its automated access management system allows the users to easily provide access, deny access, and change the access rules through an automated system. The system is triggered based on the pre-defined automated rules.

      • Compliance Control

    SailPoint IAM comes with security protocols, which are in compliance with regulations like HIPPA. This helps the organizations to submit the necessary documents through a single dashboard.


    Even though it is an open-source platform, you need to pay if you want to use their premium version. As the SailPoint IAM’s premium version has custom-made solutions for each organization, you need to contact the vendors to get a quote.


    Okta IAM is a 100% cloud platform and is considered to be amongst the best cyber-security platforms. Let's take a quick look at some of its core features.

    Salient Features

      • Scalability

    Okta IAM is easily scalable, and it can easily be deployed around the globe.

      • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

    As an admin, you can easily deploy, monitor, and manage authentication methods throughout every application, program, service user accesses.

    You can set high authentication levels for some of the services. Also, you can lessen authentication levels for some of the services. You can customize these levels based on your requirements.

      • Universal Directory

    It comes with a universal directory that enables the admins to easily monitor access lifecycle, govern security regulations, and manage roles through a unified dashboard.

      • API Access Management

    Okta IAM provides the admins with API access management. This helps the admins to manage different third-party services, applications, and many other things in a consolidated dashboard.


    You can avail of its free trial for a small deployment. But, for the paid version, you need to contact Okta vendors.

    The pricing varies on the basis of the number of users, additional features, and scale of deployment. Its basic plan, though, starts from $1 per user per month with no additional features.


    Centrify is a US-based company that provides IAM tools through a unified platform. We have enlisted some of its core features below.

    Salient Features

      • Single Sign-On

    Centrify IAM comes with a single sign-on feature. It allows the admins to manage different applications and services through a single dashboard.

      • Customizable Multi-Factor Authentication

    Centrify IAM’s MFA system allows its admins to set a different number of authentication levels based on their requirements.

      • Ease of Account and Compliance Management

    Centrify IAM provides its admins with a unified dashboard. This dashboard allows them to can easily access, manage, and monitor account management.

    Additionally, they can get the relevant compliance documents for auditing purposes.

      • Ease of Activity Monitoring

    As an admin, you can easily monitor all the user activities that are taking place. It also helps you to anticipate and prevent cyber-attacks.


    Centrify IAM comes with two pricing models, namely App and App+. The price of the app starts from $4 per user per month, and App+ is available from $8 per user per month.

    For additional features, you may need to pay extra. For the detailed pricing, you need to contact Centrify’s vendors.

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