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    Marketing Automation for B2B Companies | KnowledgeNile

    What Will Marketing Automation Bring for the B2B Companies?

    What is Marketing Automation?

    According to Hubspot, Marketing automation is a software that operates with the goal of automation of marketing actions.

    The MA tool was developed keeping in mind repetitive tasks the teams have to do such as social media, emails, and other website related tasks. This tool optimizes these tasks.

    Need for Marketing Automation:

    Marketing automation empowers sales teams with better leads, in return having a higher ROI. Hence, the best teams have switched to the technology.

    These tools give better insights into the entire lead generation funnel; they also allow a more effective analysis of when the leads are going to make the purchase.

    The accuracy of the leads and the predicted timeframe of the lead life cycle is the most crucial advantage of marketing automation for B2B companies. This results in more revenue and better growth.

    It allows you to scale your campaigns, reach out to the target audience in a structured manner, and have a great ROI on top of that.

    Trends to Look Out For in 2019

    Emphasis on Multi-channel Communication

    In the early days, Marketing Automation was largely used for email marketing purposes. But, nowadays along with email marketing, marketers are using it for multi-channel communication purposes also.

    More Focus on Hyper-personalization

    The growing emphasis on the personalization has led to it being the customer expectation and just functionality to give you a competitive edge.

    B2B marketers can do awe-inspiring stuff with the help of marketing automation these days.

    And it has been made possible with the help of MA to give the customers the information that's not just relevant but also useful to them with ease and precision.

    As a Medium to Improve the Customer Experience

    As we can conclude from the above chart, most B2B marketers felt customer mapping as the most important aspect, and it holds.

    In a way, marketing automation is a source to create and build their experience with the company. All those drip email campaigns are a path to navigate a customer's experience with your organization.

    In short words, marketing automation is mostly customer experience optimization.

    Implementation of Marketing Automation for the Entire Customer Cycle

    All of us know that Marketing automation is really good for lead nurture, but it has also proved great no just for customer retention rate but even for increasing customer lifetime value.

    We had an understanding about the same right from the beginning, but as we have had more time to grow and focus on its intricate details, we're finally witnessing the full potential of the tool with the life-cycle use.

    Key Takeaways:

    Most of the companies are adopting Marketing Automation and 2019 will have some significant impact on how the companies use this software.

    • More focus on Personalization
    • Use of the tool for the entire customer cycle
    • As a tool to improve customer experience
    • Greater use as a multi-channel communication platform

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