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    Skilled Professionals vs Artificial Intelligence

    Skilled Professionals vs. Artificial Intelligence. Who is better?

    It's not a secret that Skilled Professionals and Artificial Intelligence is a developing technical trend, with ability in the field companies’ gaze for a competitive power. Areas like automobiles, pharmacy, and IT & ITES are in their change stages and are accepting tools for better governance which is impacting and reforming the workforce. You can also learn more about AI by reading “What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What are Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in 2018”? For now, let’s back to our main things.

    The variation of changing the environment in Artificial Intelligence is pouring both companies and Skilled Professionals to advance their abilities. The stress of losing jobs because of the ai trend will diminish out if one make efforts on setting their skills gaps through 'training and developing'.

    Professional Human Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence

    As skilled humans, we are a product of 1 billion moments and emotions. The only human brain contains billions of knotted skills that make us who we are. A robotic skill to do one thing 1 billion times, is far higher to that of a human because we are not able to turn off the rest of our time to perform a single act.

    The natural world is also different than the digital and imaginary world. Many of us recall the video of a robot opening and shutting the door of a vehicle to test its strength. However it’s not logical to open and close a door 1 billion times to get it correct.

    In this respect, artificial intelligence is like every other machine. Now the big question is:

    Can AI win from a High Skilled Professional?

    Here are some points which define the key differences between Artificial Intelligence and Skilled Professional Intelligence.

    Behaviour and Nature of Presence

    Human intelligence turns around familiarizing and adjusting to the environment using several mental processes. The arena of AI emphases on scheming machines that can imitate skilled human behaviour.

    Mode of formation

    Skilled professional intelligence is higher because its creation of scientific and mythological structure and with artificial intelligence - as the name suggests is artificial, and temporary which was created by humans. Also, Professional or human intelligence is the creator of artificial intelligence, but an artificial technology cannot create a human being with power.

    Learning process

    Skilled Professional is based on the alternatives they meet in life and the responses they get in their lives. However, for AI, some things or some specific tasks are defined, and its applicability on other natural and psychological tasks may not be easily possible.

    Ascendency in Skilled Professionals and AI

    AI can shatter human intelligence in some specific areas such as playing games and also creating some long mathematical calculation. An artificial intelligence program can perform the long calculation in a short period, whereas a brain of skilled professional will take a long time to perform some tasks but it creates a quality of task. A skilled professional brain can think and make predictions for the future and the upcoming technology.


    Human intelligence spins around changing to the environment using a grouping of several reasoning processes. However, AI investigators can go as far as executing Weak AI, but not the Strong AI. Some believe that Strong AI is not thinkable due to various changes between the professional brain and a computer. So, at present, the skill to mimic human behaviour is reflected as AI.


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