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    What is 3D Secure Payment? Know it Here

    What is 3D Secure Payment? Know it Here

    The eCommerce market is growing at a whopping rate. There's an unprecedented surge in the demand for online shopping. How about ordering everything right, from food, groceries, and electronic gadgets, at your fingertips? Yes! That's simple.

    Considering this, it has opened the doors for online credit card and debit card transactions. However, the more transactions there are, the more risk there is of theft and financial fraud. Customers are tricked for no reason, and there's a massive loss of their financial assets.

    Thus, there is a need for secure payment gateways that keep you away from devastating frauds. Technology advancements make frauds more sophisticated, but innovation provides the tools to defend them. 3D secure payment is one such popular technique in the world of online transactions.

    This technology is developed by leading players, such as Mastercard, Visa, and SecureCode. Are you excited to know more about it? In this guide, we'll explore everything about 3D security and how you can implement it for your business.

    What Do You Mean by 3D Secure?

    3D Secure stands for "Three-Domain Secure." It is an authentication protocol tailored to secure online credit and debit card transactions. Visa first designed the protocol under the name "Verified by Visa."

    Anytime you get a popup saying, "3D Secure Verification Failed," that means 3D Secure authentication system. The main aim of 3D Secure payments is to add an extra layer of security to your online card payments.

    Three major parties are involved here: the card issuer, the acquirer, and the interoperability domain. Conventional transactions only require the card details and a security code. On the other hand, 3D secure payments encourage the cardholder to enter an additional password or off-code code into the mobile device.

    How Do 3D Secure Payment Work?

    The 3D secure payment is simple. First, as a cardholder, you need to enter your credit/debit card details. In the next step, the system checks if the card is registered for 3D security. If the 3D security is confirmed, the user is then redirected to a 3D secure page given by the card provider.

    In the next step, the client must enter a one-time authentication code or unique password emailed to their confirmed email address or phone number on the provider's site.

    The client receives a notification of payment confirmed or declined.

    What are the Benefits of 3D Secure Payments?

    Regarding financial aspects, security needs to be the utmost priority. And 3D secure payment aims to keep customers' money completely safe. Thus, it is tough for the bad actors to make fraudulent payments from an account using 3D payments they do not use.

    The second major benefit is that businesses also benefit from 3D shifting. This is possible with the standout feature of 3D security, i.e., liability shifting. Here, if fraud takes place despite the 3D secure payment system, the card provider is responsible for the chargeback. They must return the lost money to the card owner rather than the vendor.

    As a CNP merchant, customer confidence is more crucial than ever. Most customers feel confident knowing that an additional layer of security is in place to keep their data secure.

    In short, 3D secure payment helps mitigate fraudulent activities, identity thefts, data leakage, financial losses, etc.

    Challenges that May Come up with 3D Secure Payment:

    While 3D secure payments have benefits, it also comes with specific challenges. Here we've listed them:

    High Basket Abandonment Rates

    One challenge business face against 3D security is increased basket abandonment rates. Sometimes, customers leave the process as they find the extra authentication boring. Thus, customers who see this as an inconvenience leave the cart and do not make a purchase.

    Difficulty in Customer Experience

    Adding several steps to the checkout process can impact the overall customer experience. Thus, the payment process needs to be as smooth as possible when considering security.


    A slight delay in completing the verification process can cause session timeouts, leaving the transactions halfway.

    3D Secure Payment is Important!!!

    3D security is a giant leap in online financial transactions. It takes security to a whole new level. Plus, it is a great option to keep your business safe and sound from fraudsters. This enables you to enjoy seamless and secure transactions. It's the line of defense you need in today's cyberworld.

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